Relay Weekend: Done and Dusted!

Relay Weekend: Done and Dusted!

So I have finally come out of my 3 day hibernation recovering from a successful (but exhausting!) Relay weekend! Clearly the expression on my face says it all, who doesn’t love a jumping castle?

My Saturday started like this: 5am-crawl out of my nice warm bed, 6am-arrive at Centennial Park to set up stage, tents, food vendors etc. 8am-set up camp sites and assist those participants arriving, 9am-prep MC, Audio and speakers for our opening ceremony at 10am. 1030AM-Let Relay begin with the Survivors and Carers Lap! And….on and on until I ended my day at 2am after wrapping up a pretty rocking silent disco (I was the DJ, so some may beg to differ!). 5am starts the prep for brekky and on to day 2!

Now the above my sound pretty tiring and I won’t lie, it definitely was! However…the support, excitement, adrenaline, fun, surprises and more kept me going throughout the day. The weather was great, musicians were fantastic, and my favourite part of the day; meeting Audra Morrice from Masterchef as she whipped up some delicious dumplings. The day was full of entertainment with something for everyone including a visit by former rugby star Mark Ella. I learned a thing or two about passing the footy rugby style as this is totally different then gridiron (I’m American!).

All the above was put together by our fantastic Eastern Suburbs Relay For Life committee. Completely organised by volunteers who ended the day by raising over $145,000…and counting! Through day and the very cold night, we united as one brilliant community fighting back and raising awareness of cancer research and support. I could not have asked for a better day! We deserved to celebrate and put on a collective victory dance, also found on our FB page below. Lastly, shout out to the Litmus Group team who walked collectively over 1100 laps! Well done guys…now on to planning for 2014!

If you would like to check out more images (and our victory dance!), visit our Facebook page:

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