Snapshot of Relay: What and Why?

So let’s start from the beginning…I joined Relay For Life in 2011 as a participant in a work team. For those that don’t know, why don’t you know?! Ok ok, I forgive you..let me tell you!

Relay For Life happens all over the world in over 21 countries. Last year, even Antarctica participated! This event has teams of 10-15 who walk around a track relay style to help raise money for cancer research and support. Big deal huh? Well actually, we do this for 24 hours straight! Or motto? Cancer doesn’t sleep, so neither do we! In 2012, over 500 people joined us for this great cause in the Eastern Suburbs of NSW Australia.

This year in 2013, we are a week out from our event, and coincidentally my birthday! I joined the official Relay committee in 2012 as a media marketing coordinator and haven’t been able to stay away. This event is entirely organised by volunteers who take time out of their week (after going to their day job) to create a spectacular event for all ages. The best part is the community coming together and supporting everyone whether directly affected by cancer or not.

So what’s my story? While I have been lucky enough to stay away from the beast that is cancer, my fiancé Paul’s mother died from Leukiema when he was only 3. He has very little memories of his mum and wonders day to day what she was like, what personality traits he gets from her, and who she was as a person. I use Relay to raise awareness and fight back against others having to go through the same scenario. Together we can raise awareness on health, nutrition and lifestyles which are all great ways to fight back against cancer.

Have a look at our highlights video from last year, we had a great time and were lucky enough to raise over $220,000!

See you soon and stop back in to see how we are preparing for Relay and pump us up for our event on Saturday 18th May!



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